Episode 11

"A Life On The Farm" w/ Oscar Harding

Published on: 26th April, 2022

The pod episode kicks off with the team discussing a possible “font-off” contest, the creative process, David’s reanimation and staged reading of a play from 20 years ago through Milwaukee’s Sunstone Studios, and the triumphant return of the in-person Milwaukee Film Fest in spring of 2022.  

Oscar joins Mac and David around 16:30 to discuss his film, “A Life On The Farm,” which will screen at the MFF on April 30th. The feature length documentary builds upon found footage from a video created by his grandfather’s neighbor, Charles Carson, in the 1980’s on a farm in Somerset, England. Carson was filmmaker and a farmer, an outsider artist, an inventor and a pioneer of “death positivity.” The film centers around the process of uncovering Carson’s creative genius, as Oscar and his filmmaking partners endeavor to learn about this unconventional filmmaker and his work through interviews with neighbors.  

In the conversation, Oscar touches on formative influence of movies and theatre on his young life, and on being drawn to the electricity of the live performance. He details his career trajectory within the film industry, beginning with working to support the critically acclaimed film “Theeb.” Though Oscar now calls Milwaukee home, he is both Irish and British, and shares insights about state-funded arts and film funding access abroad, and reflects on how Ireland far exceeds the U.K. and U.S. in these opportunities. He remarks about how environments with limited funding end up proliferating elitism in the arts, and have the consequence of sidelining the voices of filmmakers of marginalized communities and diverse identities. Oscar reflects on his own journey from working on narrative film, to letting the footage of Carson inspire him to work in the realm of documentary film, in order to tell his story. 


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