Episode 6

Beautiful Vibrations at The MusiCreation Station w/ Eric Tillich & Mitch Shiner

Published on: 14th September, 2021

This week we welcome Eric Tillich, President & CEO, and Mitch Shiner, Chair of Jazz and Contemporary Music, from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music to the podcast to talk about the MusiCreation Station, their new, mobile music recording studio.  

After a warm welcome, the gang share stories about their own music education experiences (1:42); Eric and Mitch join and share stories about inspiring arts and culture experiences (spoiler: having Bobby McFerrin see into your soul and The Replacements fighting each other) (13:43); Innovating arts education online during the pandemic (26:40); Expanding music access with the MusiCreation Station (39:27); The MusiCreation experience at Summerfest, and Mitch gets the gang in a call and response! (49:15); Changing the landscape of music education in Milwaukee (53:00); Eric and Mitch’s turn as the Czars of Arts and Culture (58:08); Easter Egg outtake: David’s outlaw car (01:15:00

Follow: The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music on Facebook and on Twitter and Insta @wcmusic1899 and Mitch Shiner on Facebook and on Twitter & Insta @Shiney_Music 

Go visit the MusiCreation Station at Summerfest near the entrance of the south marketplace next to the Feris wheel! 

Music Transitions: “Milwaukee Strong,” Shonn Hinton and the Milwaukee All Stars 

306 Ephemera: 

Palos East Elementary 

Roosevelt Middle School 

Sun Prairie High School 

Bobby McFerrin “VOCAbuLarieS” 

The MusiCreation Station 

The Milwaukee Artist and Creative Survey

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