Episode 34

I Spy w/ Christine Fleming, The Haggerty Museum of Art

Published on: 22nd September, 2020

This week, for episode number 34, the gang finally welcomes Christine Fleming, Community Engagement Manager at The Haggerty Museum of Art, who was supposed to be the first guest on the podcast back in February. 

Suffice it to say, a lot has changed since then. 

Mac's scat take on our tropical house intro (00:21), Our recent advocacy output powered by the Imagine network (3:43), New hashtag: #ImagiNationMKE (5:45), Road of Democracy/Road to Wrestlemania (6:20), Road of Democracy Call for Artists (9:52), Christine Fleming intro and context - guest #1 or #34 (12:01), Great grandmas and mean art teachers (16:33), Museum education as the "dark side" (23:00), Museums at academic institutions (27:10), Holding physical space in the age of coronavirus (31:52), Innovations to increase access to museums (37:44), Seeing the unseeable & Google Arts and Culture (39:47), Big Stantion (43:09), "Dubious Means" (48:33), Arts and Culture Czar reign (50:56), Plugs (55:15), Mac signs his own death warrant (57:55), Outro Easter Egg (1:01:03)

Web: The Haggerty Museum of Art | Like: @HaggertyMuseum | Browse online: The Haggerty Museum of Art on Google Arts and Culture

Audio Transitions: "Caroline's" by Amanda Huff (Bandcamp)

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