Episode 6

Milwaukee Preservation Alliance w/ Jeremy Ebersole

Published on: 22nd March, 2022

This week on the pod, we welcome Jeremy Ebersole. Jeremy is the is the Executive Director of the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance (oh, and the spouse of Imagine MKE’s Operations Coordinator Rachel Shields Ebersole.) 

First, in the intro, the team chats about “swords and sandals,” Game of Thrones style alliances, and historic preservation projects of note. Jeremy joins around 15:00, and speaks about the history of the built environment, and how curiosity and a reverence for place led him to pursue a career in historic preservation.  

Jeremy studied communications and peace studies, and worked in college admissions before pivoting into commercial archeology and eventually working for the National Park Service. He got his Masters in Historic Preservation from the University of Oregon, before taking his current role and moving to Milwaukee. In the conversation, Jeremy discusses Milwaukee’s rust belt past, the diversity and friendliness of the city, and how the continued revitalization of spaces tells of the vibrancy of this community. He reflects on how preservation projects have the ability to cross boundaries, create social and environmental solutions and push culture forward. In his work, Jeremy advocates for the future of historic spaces in Milwaukee including the Mitchell Park Domes.  

Follow the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance and on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter, and get in touch at mpa@milwaukeepreservationalliance.org; Get updates on Save our Domes on Facebook; Save the Soldiers Home 

Follow Jeremy on Insta: @jeremytheebersole  

406 Ephemera 

Frank Lloyd Wright 

Gandhi’s Ashram  

Little Rock Central High 

The Oriental Theater 

The Basilica of St. Josaphat 

National Cathedral 

La La Land” (Trailer, YouTube) 

Daft Punk in Coney Island (AV Club) 

Weird Al Yankovic Movie Will Be Insane, Teases Daniel Radcliffe” (Screenrant) 

Urban Spelunking 

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