Episode 29

Road of Democracy w/ Dasha Kelly Hamilton

Published on: 18th August, 2020

It's finally the week of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, and while it's like nothing we imagined this time last year (thanks, coronavirus), it's still an opportunity to reflect on the continuing work of perfecting our nation's still young experiment in self government, and moreover, the important role that the arts and creativity - in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, and the United States of America - has in democracy and civil society.

What better guest to have on the pod to explore these issues than Milwaukee's poet laureate and creative change agent, Dasha Kelly Hamilton to talk about her recent project The Road of Democracy, which pairs her words with the artwork of Della Wells, and the State of Union in Stanzas, a roving poetry project along the perimeter of the DNC on Tuesday.

Sorry about the technical difficulties on David's microphone on this episode, which make him sound like he is faraway in a cavernous room.

Mac basks in his glory of being on the Funny Parents podcast (00:25), we're going to make "breezy" a thing (1:50), DNC Week & the role the arts plays in a functioning society (2:56), Host story time: experiencing arts and democracy (5:23), Audio transition, "All of Everything at Once," by Ruth B8r Ginsburg and Dasha intro (15:03), The origins of The Road of Democracy (17:05); Mac gives his analysis of "Of" and gets an A (21:16), Dish on Miss Della (27:00), The Road of Democracy short film (35:35), State of the Union in Stanzas (40:05), Dasha on the importance of the arts and creativity in democracy (48:55), Dasha's arts and culture czar reign (55:42), Plugs (1:00:30).

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The Road of Democracy

Dasha reads "Of"

Audio Transitions: "All of Everything at Once," by Ruth B8r Ginsburg, Live at the Cooperage at Woodland Pattern's 39th Anniversary Gala

Mauricio Ramirez's DNC Credential badge

Mac's appearance on the Funny Parents podcast

David's blog on his time at The Aspen Institute

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