Episode 4

Stewardship of Place w/ Sara Daleiden

Published on: 8th March, 2022

This week on the pod, we welcome Sara Daleiden. Sara focuses on cultural production and exchange through creating social interactions in developing landscapes. With bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, she offers support for empathetic, structural development of identity embracing various scales of experimentation, connection, and production. Initiatives and platforms encourage active interpretation and embodied exploration of local places valuing public space, civic participation, economic sustainability, pedestrian awareness and celebration of difference. 

In the intro, the team chats about the war in Ukraine and the impact of having political leaders with creative backgrounds. Sara joins the pod at 17:45

Follow Sara Daleiden: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @MKELAXMedia 

403 Ephemera 

“V” The original opening titles on NBC! 

Designated Survivor” 

How Designated Survivors Spend Their Evenings (Business Insider) 

The Role of his Life: Comedian-Turned-President Volodymyr Zelensky Rises to the Moment (The Hollywood Reporter) 

How Zelensky’s Acting Career Showed Hints of His Powerful Underdog Leadership (Politico) 

Heel in Chief (Slate) 


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