Episode 35

Talking to TED w/ Anne Basting, TimeSlips, MacArthur Genius, and Practitioner of Enchantment

Published on: 29th September, 2020

It is not everyday that you get to talk to the arts/non-profit/social change/academic equivalent of an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony winner), but that's what we have for you today with artist, educator, scholar Anne Basting who is the Founder and President of TimeSlips, English Professor at UWM, and MacArthur/Ashoka/Rockefeller Fellow.

We invited her on to talk about a new program that connects artists with isolated seniors during COVID but we got so much more than we bargained for. As the name of the episode suggests, this is like talking to TED (rather than a TED talk) and you're in for a real treat. 

Recap of Rekindle (3:03), State grant for arts and cultural organizations deadline reminder (10:51), Road of Democracy events (12:11), Citizen artists and intro to Anne (14:04), Enchantment, wonder and awe (19:26), The ability to code switch between groups and institutions (28:52), The origin story of TimeSlips (32:50), Leaning into authority vs. leaning into beginner's mind (37:30), Stretching an idea like taffy (46:24), Making art with non-artists (48:34), Anne takes control of a segue into her new program yet Mac stays on the soapbox (53:52), Bringing together professional arts with social service through Social RX (1:01:27), Anne's reign as Arts and Culture Czar (1:08:30), Plugs (1:12:36), Lost in the wonder, the gang stumbles through the outro (1:14:07)

Book: Creative Care | Web: TimeSlips, UWM English Department, Personal, and of course, Anne's TED page.

Audio Transitions: "Let Go" by Lex Allen (Spotify)

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