Episode 9

A Love Song to Milwaukee w/ Grace Weber

Published on: 12th April, 2022

The show kicks off with Mac and David bantering about Moonlighting and Bruce Willis, followed by a discussion about the forthcoming third iteration of Imagine MKE’s 414 Day Video featuring an original poem by Dasha Kelly Hamilton and created by filmmaker Samer Ghani, which will be released through Imagine MKE’s social channels on 4/14.  

Grammy Award-winning musician and entrepreneur Grace Weber, a Wauwatosa native, joins the crew around 16:00 to discuss her 414 Day release, “414” (feat. Mudy). The work is a “love song for the city,” and speaks to her sense of Milwaukee hometown pride. In the conversation, Grace shares her impression of the authenticity that is characteristic of the city, and speaks about her current experience living in the “213”—and the synchronicity of frequently crossing paths with other Milwaukeeans within the Los Angeles music scene. Grace reflects on her own journey to stardom, and a sense that Milwaukee’s own music community is about to have “a moment,” and come into its own as a national music destination.  

Personal website: https://www.graceweber.com/  

Follow Grace Weber online and on all of the social media @GraceWeber. Pre-Save “414” on Spotify 

409 Ephemera 

Season 4 of Moonlighting, Opening Theme by Al Jarreau 

Concerns about Bruce Willis’ declining cognitive state swirled around sets in recent years” (LA Times) 

2020: Life in Motion 

2021: 414 (New) Day 

“Joyful Joyful” from Sister Act 2 

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